Video analytics - Know how effective your methods are Video metrics are also easy to track they watched Visual effects - When you need some magic Do you want to explain with an illustration of your background?

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Let your books speak | Vbooks and graphic videos for books

Storytelling and parting knowledge is an art, and how people chose to tell their stories has been changing. Oral lessons have become books, and books have become ebooks. We at the Chennai Publishing House offer you video services so your books could be more. Unlock the potential of visual storytelling by planting videos that go with the flow of the book in your ebooks that your readers can watch. Complement your incredible work with inquisitive videos!

Promotion becomes easy - Book teasers and more


Book’s Promotion

Making teasers, trailers, and tutorials that can be shared online can help you with the book’s promotion and helps build an online presence as the author of the book.


Promotional Services

We’ll also work on a corporate presentation of the author/publisher as part of our promotional services.


Marketing Partners

As your book’s marketing partners, our videos will help you stand out from the crowd and pitch your book more effectively to a larger audience.

People with disability feel included - Make content easy to consume

Books are usually bundles of knowledge, but people that are in the neurodiversity spectrum often find books bewildering because of how much concentration it takes to complete one. It would incentivize them to read more if there were videos that helped them understand the books better.

Chennai Publishing Services

The super summarizer - Short video format in education

Videos are usually great summarizers. A simple text-based video that collates all the topics discussed and provides the reader with a refresher of sorts at the end of a topic. We recommend having a few short 30-second to 1-minute videos in the book to keep your readers engaged.

2D and 3D animations

Explain with ease

2D,3D animations and other tools of visualization

Complex topics come with pages and pages of content. Videos negate the need to read through ten pages of heavily articulated concepts to understand something. We’ll help you educate your listeners better with explanatory videos, 2D and 3D animations, and simple motion graphic videos. If you’re looking to create a stunning presentation for your session, we’ll help you with it too! You take care of the heavy lifting, aka what to say, and we’ll help you visualize it for your listeners.


Video analytics - Know how effective your methods are

Video metrics are also easy to track. Which videos have they watched, which ones do they ignore, and how much of the video do they complete a lot of other questions can be answered with the modern analytics tools that we’ll arm you with, so you know if there’s room for improvement in the content part of things.

2D animations that take the message across

A well-put animation is a hundred times as effective as a well-put blog. Get your point across with 2D animations and videos that are simple and easy to follow. With voiceovers, subtitles, and more, the animation aims at being self-explanatory and transmitting the information you want without any compromise on content.

Visual effects - When you need some magic

Do you want to explain with an illustration of your background? Do you want airplanes flying? Anything is possible with VFX and our experienced team can handle them pretty well. Suitable for complex, hypothetical videos, our VFX team works meticulously to bring your vision alive onto a video.

3D animations - for an extra dimension of understanding

When a 2D canvas doesn’t do justice to the depth of the subject, 3D can come in handy. This type of animation suits videos like science experiments, architectural diagrams, and mathematical shapes. Our videos come out with a perfect finish and great quality. Our animations and videos are optimized for all mediums.

Motion graphics - For when it’s not as complicated

Motion graphics are perfect for audiences today who’re used to short-form video content. With texts, illustrations, and transitions, motion graphic videos make content consumable in bite-sized shorts. Perfect to be used as promotional videos on social media. Our team will understand the requirements and work accordingly.